The Organisation in Action 2022 Mission and Purpose

“Helping People to Help Themselves”

Vision for ARC Healthy Centre   “To become an independent community led regulated organisation to support the longer term vision of achieving a composite health, wellbeing and empowerment service providing the maximum range of opportunities for healthy and creative living”


Values of ARC Healthy Living Centre – The Strategic Compass

Passion – Displaying a strong work ethic and having deep passion for the way we work and how we do our level best for place, people and environment

 Honesty and Integrity – Being honest and displaying high standards of integrity in everything we do

Continuous Improvement and Excellence – Never accepting that things cannot be done better, having an open mind and learning from mistakes

Compassion – Our services will be non-judgemental, empathic, showing concern, understanding and encouraging resilience

Innovative – Being aware of current research and policy, distilling key messages, leading and delivering practical high quality evidence based interventions, influencing the future

Being Relevant and Needs Driven – Knowing and reflecting today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s

It is Not Our Money – Practice good financial stewardship – by working efficiently, avoiding waste of time, resources and money

Self-Care – We are a caring organisation, with a good work/life balance where personal physical and mental wellbeing are important. We take work seriously but ourselves less so