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About Us

The award winning ARC Centre is a registered charity managed by a voluntary Board of Directors. ARC Ltd was formed in November 2000 to undertake the management of the ARC Healthy Living Centre capital build and to oversee the ongoing operation of the Centre and associated programmes.

The ARC Centre, a refurbished building based within Sallyswood estate was officially opened in 2001, the ethos of inclusion and positive expectation was fundamental to the survival and success of the project. The ARC Centre responds to the needs of the local community by providing opportunities to enable and empower people to develop their own resources for creative and healthy living.

The ARC Healthy Living Centre aims to address health inequalities and improve the well-being of local people by bringing together a partnership of community health activities and services. The Marmot Review into health inequalities, published in February 2010, draws further attention to the evidence that most people are not living as long as the best off in society, and spend longer in ill health, premature illness and death affects everyone below the top. One of the reports key contentions is that positive health outcomes are significantly more influenced by social determinants than clinical determinants; indeed, that our health is 70% driven by social determinants and only 30% by clinical factors.

Central to the report’s approach is to create the conditions for people to take control of their own lives. This requires action on the ‘social determinants’ of health. These are described as the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. They can lead to health inequalities the unfair and avoidable differences in health status that arise because of inequalities in society.

The ARC  was named as the Northern Ireland Health & Social Care Social Enterprise of the Year 2015

This film was produced by Pioneers Post magazine for the British Council as part of a virtual study visit of social enterprises around the UK

Board of Directors

ARC’s Board is highly skilled and able and currently oversee a broad range of provision They meet quarterly for a full board meeting. At this meeting a report is submitted by all project Leaders on progress so far and intended work plan. Full accounts are also submitted and these are scrutinised by the Audit Committee. The ARC Board delegates its daily role to the CEO who oversees all projects.

Directors from the ARC Healthy Living Centre welcoming guests to the official launch of their new centre. Back row from left Austin Kelly (SWARD), Richard Scott (ARC), Jane Reihill (ARC), Maura Mason (Western Childcare Partnership), Helen O'Donnell (SWARD), Mannix Magee (ARC), Michelle Gildernew MP, David McDowell (ARC), Terry Magee (ARC), Trevor Kilpatrick (ARC) and Barry Boyle (SWARD). Front row from left David Monaghan (ARC), Marie McCordick (MBE), Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development Michelle O'Neill MLA, Cllr Ruth Lynch (Fermanagh District Council Vice Chairperson) and Dr Eddie Rooney (CEO PHA).

  • CEO – Jenny Irvine
  • Terry Magee –  Chairperson
  • Dr Laura McDonnell – Vice Chairperson
  • David Monaghan – Company Secretary
  • Ted Maye
  • Trevor Kirkpatrick
  • Mannix Magee
  • Wesley Knox (Chairperson of Audit & Risk Committee)
  • Andrew Magee KC
  • Anne Molloy
  • Edwina Read

Registered Charity Information

  • Company No. NI039643
  • Registered Charity No: XR46779
  • Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC100857


ARC believes passionately that charities should take an ethical approach to seeking donations, we will never demand or expect donations, we are deeply appreciative of the support we get both financial and non-financial.

As with most community run projects donations greatly enhance our service and enable us to make a real difference to the lives of individuals and communities.

If you choose to make a donation to ARC we will ensure the responsible stewardship of donations to support our mission and we will tell you what we did or plan to do with your donation.

We will not pass on your details to other organisations, nor will we have an expectation of ongoing support.

If you choose to donate to ARC and are a UK tax payer we can receive gift aid of 25% on donations (With Gift Aid, your donation of £20 would be worth £25.00 at no extra cost to you.)

If you would like to make a donation please contact Gwen directly on 028 686 28741