Testing/Registration Assistants( relief staff for Register) for Asymptomatic Covid Testing Centre


REF: ARC:T/RA1021 ( online application at the foot of this posting)

The ARC has established a Testing centre at Tullnagarn, Irvinestown in response to the need for additional testing facilities. We are seeking to recruit Relief Test centre staff  for a Register we are establishing. In addition we have an immediate opportunity for a relief staff member to work Mondays and Fridays.

We have been operating the testing centre  for COVID 19 undertaking lateral flow tests for people without symptoms over recent months.  The centre is currently open 4 days per week, Monday, Tuesday. Thursday and Friday 9.00 – 5.00. This may change and there might be the need to work shifts with the possibility of weekend work. The role includes several aspects, meeting and greeting people coming to the centre, assisting them with the registration process, explaining the performance of the tests (which are self- administered) processing results and performing routine cleaning functions after each test is performed.

There are a number of different roles in the Testing Centre and relief staff will likely be involved in delivering in all roles. The rate of pay is £10.21ph.

Relief staff will be placed on a list/register and be contacted to provide cover as the need arises. Relief staff will  be assigned either a ‘testing related’ or ‘administrative’ role.  Many applicants who have a health care background or who are studying courses related to health will take on roles within the clinical environment whilst others will support the administration of the test centre.

Applicants must beable to demonstrate in their applications the competencies in the personnel specification as follows:

  • Commitment to the work and to following the strict guideline and procedures required
  •   Experience working with members of the public/patients
  •  Good interpersonal skills and caring nature
  •  Must be able to physically stand for several hours
  • Use of IT is a requirement -Familiarity with data recording/entry.( for Registration assistant& Results recorder)
  • Understanding of medical supplies and sourcing practices( for the supplies coordinator)

Training will be provided to all succesful candidates. PPE will be provided and  Risk assessment will be undertaken.


  1. Test Operative

Reporting into the Site Manager the Test Operative is accountable for supporting subjects during sample taking and Sample Processors during processing of samples.

·       Undertake training on how to administer the throat and nasal swab test

·       On hand to provide subject with additional verbal instructions if required

·       Ensures subject’s self-administered test is labelled appropriately and has barcodes attached

·       Undertake training on hand washing and ensure personal hygiene is maintained to a high level

·       If needed (e.g. disabled person) undertake throat and nasal swab test

·       Undertake training on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and ensure PPE is worn and changed as required.

·       Ensure subject has passed test to a Processing Operative

·       Support Test Operative and Test Processing Operative.

·       Enables switching of tasks to avoid repetitive tasks throughout the session.

·       Directs patient to exit, with test card

2. Processing Operative (Sample Processor)

Reporting into the Site Manager the Sample Processor is accountable for preparing the test kit and processing the test/Swab sample for final result.

·       Undertake training on how to process the throat and nasal swab sample with the test kit.

·       Undertake training on how to read/understand test results.

·       Undertake training on hand washing and ensure personal hygiene is maintained to a high level

·       Undertake training on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and ensure PPE is worn and changed as required

·       Sets up sample for analysis

·       Pipettes extraction solutions to sample, following SOP

·       Times the sample analysis

·       Await and read result displayed, and mark it on device

·       Liaise with the Test Operative to obtain the collected throat and nasal swab samples for processing.

·       Liaise with the Recording Assistant to record accurate rest results.

·       Pushes results for digital upload

·       QA another Processing Operative’s result analysis

3. Registration Assistant

Reporting to the Site Manager, the Registration Assistant is accountable for greeting and coordination of patients coming to the site.

·       Greet subjects at arrival.

·       Provides verbal support to subject registering on their device

·       Adds patient to the register if not already registered, and provides support if QR code is not scanning

·       If patient cannot use own device, requests verbal consent from subject to complete registration on their behalf

·       Provides testing kit to patient to take to the booth

·       Directs subject to available booth

·       Pass registration details to other team members.

4. Results Recorder

Reporting to the Site Manager, the Results Recorder is accountable for recording and distribution of the test results.

·       Assess and record tests results.

·       Prepare and distribute test results to subjects.

·       Securely destroy unnecessary data.

·       Enters result onto a managed device, including scan of QR code

·       Result is automatically sent to dashboard and Test & Trace

5. Queue Co-ordinator

Reporting to the Site Manager, the Queue Coordinator is accountable for subject flow.

·       Managing the flow of subjects in and out of the site

·       Ensures social distancing is maintained in the registration queue

·       Supporting general site up of signage and site

·       Ensuring signage is clear during the queue stage

6. Supplies Co-ordinator

Reporting to the Site Manager, this role responsible for continuous supply of test kits and equipment into and on out of the site

·         Supporting the collation and transport of tests across the site

·         Ensures continuous supply of PPE to testers

·         Managing on-going inventory and requests for supply


Further information may be requested from Peggy.Carty@archlc.com


ARCHlc is an Equal opportunities employer.