Fuel poverty

Fuel Poverty

The definition of fuel poverty varies across different jurisdictions, even within the UK. Broadly speaking, fuel poverty exists when you are required to spend more than 10% of net household income on maintaining a healthy heat in your home.
What is a Healthy level of Heat?
For people who are not health compromised, the recommended level of heat is between 18°C and 21°C. At temperatures under 18°C, there are possible health risks ranging from reduced ability to fight infection, a rise in blood pressure through to an increased risk of falling. We can reduce some of these risks by maintaining the temperatures within your home.
There are simple things you can do to improve your energy efficiency of your home. These can be as simple as closing curtains in the evening, closing doors in the room you are in, having a draught excluder fitted on external doors and windows. These measures can all improve the level of comfort that you have at home. Try to move a little every hour, even if it is just getting up and walking around the room

Reducing your fuel bills can also be helped by switching off unnecessary lights, using energy efficient light bulbs and when you are boiling the kettle, only use the water you need.
Visit the consumer council’s website for much useful information https://www.consumercouncil.org.uk/
There are interactive tools which can help to identify potential savings, plus lots of advice on how to maximise your savings, not only in terms of household bills but also motoring expenses.