Dementia NI and the Herbert Protocol Risk Reduction Tool

The Herbert Protocol is a simple risk reduction tool to be used in the event that an adult with care and support is reported missing. The protocol is a scheme adopted by several police forces in partnership with Local Authorities and other agencies. The purpose of the questionnaire is to record pertinent information about the person you care for – this will be used to assist police / search teams in the event that the person goes missing.

Once completed, please keep this questionnaire in a safe place and produce to the police in the event of an emergency. Recording this information ahead of time and keeping it regularly updated can greatly reduce stress associated with trying to recall detailed information in an emergency situation. If possible, please also attach a clear and recent head and shoulders photograph to this form. Link to the form is below

Dimentia herbert-protocol-v6

If the person you care for goes missing, without delay ring 999, complete as best you can the “Missing Now” section and hand to police when they attend your location.