British Council’s COOPower Project

In partnership with Pioneers Post.

Welcome to this Virtual Study Visit, which was created especially for the teams of young social innovators who have been taking part in the British Council’s COOPower Project in Cyprus, Greece, Croatia and Hungary.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we’ve not been able run an in-person study visit to explore co-operatives and social enterprises in the UK – and so we are bringing them to you instead, through this digital platform.

What’s here and how to navigate

Through this virtual environment we are pleased to share a series of articles, films, tours and tips from four different co-operatives and social enterprises based in different parts of the UK (see map below). We have also provided further information and resources about COOPower, as well as the British Council’s work with social innovators around the world. Alongside each of the British social enterprises featured, you will be able to meet the four winning teams of the ‘COOPathons’– start-up workshops for young social innovators held in Cyprus, Greece, Croatia and Hungary, which celebrated the teams with the best ideas.