Dementia Friendly Workshop in Arc Thursday 15th February 2018


Dementia Friendly Workshop in Arc Thursday 15th February 2018

                                   at 10 30am -12.30pm

Open invitation to attend workshop which will be facilitated by Dementia Friendly Communities Officer Carla Mulholland.

Aim : to further the aims of Irvinestown Community Partnership AGM in April 2017 which was to make Irvinestown a Dementia Friendly town and to show that life can go on as normal for those diagnosed with the condition with the support of family and friends.

The workshop is for everyone dealing with this ongoing condition and show it is possible to live well in a caring community with support. There will be practical advice and help for local businesses and traders. They will be made aware of the difficulties Alzheimer’s folk face in their everyday daily transactions at the shop counter. Families with relatives already diagnosed will be introduced to coping skills in their daily routines.

People with dementia will be empowered with the support they have in their community and know they can continue to live well with the support all around them.

Hope you can attend,

Kind regards

Ted Maye – Chair Irvinestown Community Partnership

Breege McCusker – Vice – Chair Irvinestown Community Partnership

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